Main Product Line

Apex Tool Power tools, hand tools, accessories.
Baker Hughes  Oilfield tools, junk mills, drilling fluids.
Baldor AC/DC motors, servo motors, gear motors, drives.
Barksdale Pressure switches, transducers, valves & regulators.
BEI Sensors Sensors, encoders.
BETE Nozzles Spray nozzles.
Bucher Hydraulics Pumps, motors, valves, power units, electronics.
Butech Ball valves, needle valves, check valves, couplings, adapters, fittings.
Cameron Mass flow meters,  sensors,flow control valves.
CAT Pump High pressure pumps & systems.
Diamond Chain Chains & assembly.
Donaldson Filters Filters, dust collectors.
Eaton Hydraulic pumps, motors, valves.
Emerson Industrial automation.
Enerpac Hydraulic cylinders, pumps, wrenches.
Fasco AC motors and blowers.
Flow Ezy Filters Filters, breathers, strainers.
Fluke Test & Measurement Tools.
FMC Technologies Flowline controls, swivels, plug valves, pup joints, unions, repair kits.
Forum Energy Technologies Tanks, separators, desalters, dehydration units.
Gardner Denver Drilling mud pumps, frac. pumps, centrifugal pumps and parts; fluid ends.
Garlock High-performance fluid sealing and pipeline protection products.
GE Measurement & Control Oil & Gas - Control, critical cyber security protections .
GracePorts Computer & PLC interface, connections.Voltage indicator, portals, outlets.
Haskel High pressure air driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, systems and accessory equipment.
Hytorc High pressure torque wrenches. Hydraulic, pneumatic power tools.
Inficon Instruments for gas analysis, measurement and control.
Leser Safety valves.
Medco CT data acquisition systems and software.
MKS Control systems, flow measurement products.
Murphy Pressure sensors, controllers, displays, gauges, panel systems.
Engineering & Machine
CT BOPs and parts.
NOV/Quality Tubingoc
ANSON flowline, Mission pumps, Hydra Rig CT equipment, downhole tools,  MD Totco sensors.
Oilgear Pumps, valve, high pressure hydraulics, systems.
Parker Hannifin Hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, filters, accumulators, pneumatics.
Parker/Denison Piston pumps, vane pumps and parts.
Parker/Racor Filters & filtration systems.
RBC Bearings Bearings, couplings.
Reidville Hydraulics Motors and parts.
Roper Pumps Gear pumps, flow dividers, drilling motors.
Ross Controls Pneumatic valves, control systems, safety products.
Rotary Systems Rotary Unions & Slip Rings.
Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, parts.
Schneider Electric Computer & PLC interface, connections.
Schroeder Industries Filters & filtration systems.
Siemens Automation technology products.
Sprague Pump High pressure pumps, gas boosters.
Stauff  Hydraulic Accessories.
Strainsert Load cells, force sensing instrument.
Sun Hydraulics Cartridge valves, manifolds.
Tenaris Coiled Tubes.
Turck Sensors, industrial cordsets,  I/O products, and RFID.
Viatran Pressure sensors, transmitters.
Weir/Novatech Oil service pump valves and seats, inserts.
Wika Pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meters.
Yaskawa Industrial AC Drives,HVAC Drives,Specialty Pump Drives.