Diamond Infinity Series Chains

The Infinity series is a premier roller chain offering from the Diamond Chain Company and the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of products. Designed, manufactured, and assembled by Diamond Chain, Infinity roller chain delivers consistent quality and wear performance that substantially outperforms other top industry chain suppliers. With one hundred twenty years of experience forged into every pin, plate, bushing, and roller, Infinity roller chain is built to last.

Diamond Chain offers both Class I and Class II length matching for all attachment and 
Made-To-Order products.

Diamond Infinity Series include:

ASME/ANSI Standard Chain
Infinity ANSI Series Chains are built to ASME / ANSI B29.1 standards for dimensions, interoperability, and sprocket fit and exceed the estab¬lished standards for tensile strength.

British Standard/ISO Chain
Infinity British Standard Series Chains are manufactured to the International Standards Organization metric dimensions (ISO 606, BS228, DIN 8187) for dimensions, interoperability, and sprocket fit.