Diamond Sapphire Series Chains

Sapphire Series

Diamond Chain's API certified Diamond Series includes both roller chain and coil tubing injector chain solutions.

Diamond Sapphire Series include:

Name Classification
ASME/ANSI Standard Chain Sapphire heavy series chains
British Standard/ISO Chain
Agriculture Chain Cotton Module Chain
Citrus Chain
Attachment and Made-to-Order Chain
Corrosion Resistant Chain Nickel plated roller chain
Sapphire Rust-Buster series
Sapphire series roller chain in AP stainless
Extended Pitch Chain Sapphire double-pitch conveyor roller chain
Sapphire double-pitch power transmission roller chain
Heavy Extended Chain Sapphire High Strength / Lift Chains
Hoist chain
Rollerless lift chain
Hollow Pin Chain
Maintenance Free Chain Sapphire self-lubricating roller chain
Sapphire O-Ring chain
Sapphire non-standard series chains
Sapphire specialty application series chain coupling chain
Powersports & ATV Chain